Karin Holmgren

Maria Jansdotter

Kam Care Design has long experience of caring for small babies

KAM Care Design was started in 2006 by two nurses, Karin Holmgren and Maria Jansdotter, who work with premature and sick newly born babies at the University Hospital of Uppsala. The KMC pullover carrier, the KMC tube carrier and the bed support are some of the products that KAM Care Design has designed (KMC = Kangaroo Mother Care).

Valuable ideas and views from parents

KAM Care Design designs ecological nursing products for premature and newly born babies. Parents and babies have been able to try out our products, and this has given us valuable points of view and ideas.

Products adapted to the Kangaroo and NIDCAP methods

Our products are adapted to support the Kangaroo and NIDCAP methods. These nursing methods are used in hospital wards for premature and sick newly born babies and in delivery and maternity wards. Once they are home again, many parents choose to continue to carry their baby close to them.

All our products are manufactured using ecological materials

In order to achieve peace and harmony around the baby, we believe that the colour and quality of the material should be carefully chosen. The baby’s skin is thin and fragile and we therefore choose materials that are environmentally friendly, ecological and kind to the skin. Furthermore, they meet strict hygienic demands. KAM Care Design uses ecological, durable quality materials that meet Öko-Tex standard 100. All our products are manufactured in Sweden.

Designed to meet tough hygienic and X-ray demands

The textiles and products have been tested in collaboration with hygiene and X-ray staff at the University Hospital of Uppsala.

Specially designed products according to your wishes

We can also specially design products to meet your wishes. Please feel free to contact us.

Natural. Safe. Ecological.