Read more about the Kangaroo Method, Nidcap and ecological products from KAM Care Design.

KAM Care Design in Uppsala Innovation Centre’s news letter, October 10, 2007
Design for a good start to life

KAM Care Design in the Nursing Union’s report from Neonatal Ward 95F, University Hospital, December 1, 2006.  EKO when the skin is at its most sensitive.

Scientific radio, April 26, 2006. Skin-to-skin early care of babies is spreading all over the world

Norwegian TV program from Neonatal ward 95F, University Hospital, on Kangaroo Care, October 24, 2005 NRK Nett-TV, Puls 24.10.05

Ekocentrum – Ekocentrum demonstrates ways towards ecologically sustainable social development. They own, manage and develop Sweden’s largest permanent environmental exhibition. Products, systems, techniques and ideas for a sustainable lifestyle are shown in the exhibition. Click here!

Öko-Tex Standard 100 - requires that the manufacturer inspects his textiles in a laboratory so that there are no chemicals that are dangerous to humans upon direct contact. Website of Dr. Nils Bergman in Cape Town, South Africa, who works with the method and has done research on it. There is a lot of information and good pictures here. Website of the Columbian kangaroo method federation with a description of their activities.

Interview with Anders Lundin from Ekocentrum about Ecoproducts. Click here!

Article in the magazine Tvättbjörnen from Electrolux. Click here!


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